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Performance Dates:

July 27, 28, & 29, 2023
Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center
Hays, KS

Direction: Travis Grizzell
Assistant Director: Pamela Grizzell
Musical Direction: Madelyn Seiler

Ba da da dum *snap* *snap*

We invite you to audition for the Hays Community Theatre’s 2023 Summer Musical “The Addams Family”!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY, a comical feast that embraces the wackiness in every family, features an original story and it’s every father’s nightmare: Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family– a man her parents have never met. And if that wasn’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before– keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents. – TRW

• Auditions are “open” in style and will begin promptly at 2:00 p.m. each day. We’ll give a brief overview of the audition process and production details and then invite each person to audition for the group. Once you have auditioned, you are free to leave or you may watch the remaining auditions.

• Talent, commitment, and availability are all considered in the casting of our productions in addition to vocal, body, singing, and movement styles subjective to the directors as they see fit for their vision of the show.

• All are welcome to audition. Casting is at the discretion of the directors.

• HCT is completely volunteer! The cast, crew, musicians, directors, and board of directors are all paid the same: $0.00. EVERYONE is valuable to the production process and sustainability of our community’s theatre.

• There is no age minimum or limit for this show but musical theatre can be very mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding. The time commitment is also substantial and availability is essential.

• Parents of actors that have not yet completed the 6th grade will be required to supervise their children whenever they are not on the rehearsal/performance stage.

• ALL participants must be willing to receive direction, adhere to the rules and guidelines of the production team, and have a team mentality. The golden rule is essential in our theatre. Bullying, defiance, unexcused absences, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

• You must be willing to have fun!

Rehearsals will begin with a table read for the entire cast on Thursday, June 1st @ 7:00 p.m. The rehearsal schedule will be Sunday-Thursday, 7:00-10:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Rehearsal schedules will be given at the table read. Rehearsals will begin at the Hays Community Theatre, 121 E. 8th, Hays and will transition to FHSU on Sunday, July 23rd. There will be exceptions to these scheduled rehearsals on holidays and possible unforeseen circumstances. All scheduling changes will communicated via email and facebook. HCT utilizes Gmail and Google Calendar.



  • Auditionees 10 years and older will be asked to:

    • Match pitch with scales and/or a verse of “Amazing Grace.”

    • Sing a memorized verse and chorus of song of their choosing. This song must be from a musical play and ideally in a similar style to our show. The song can be ballad or up-tempo. Songs from The Addams Family are allowed. All audition songs will be sung a cappella (we can provide you with a starting pitch).

    • Read some scene dialogue from our show (provided by HCT). This may include both monologues and dialogue (read with you by our directors). Please review the character and show information in this packet to be better prepared for your scene reading.

  •  Auditionees under 10 years of age will be asked to:

    • Sing a memorized verse and chorus of any song.

    • Match pitch with scales (mostly to determine vocal range)

Auditions will be a respectful, encouraging atmosphere and the auditioners will do everything possible to get the best audition from everyone.

Please complete and bring the Audition Form included here along with a recent picture of the auditionee. This doesn’t need to be a professional head shot, we just need a face to put with the name/information while casting.

(ages are indicative of the character, not necessarily of the actor)

Gomez Addams - A man of Spanish descent who takes great pride in his family and revels in all it means to be an “Addams.” He struggles with having to keep his daughters secret from his wife, whom he adores more than death. Smart, comedic actor with tenor vocals. Male, 40-50.

Morticia Addams - Attractive, leggy, the strength of the family. An easy comedic actress with a sexy, dry wit. Feels her husband is hiding something from her and will use any tactic to lure the secret out. Female, 40-50. Alto/Mezzo Soprano. Strong dancer.

Uncle Fester - The androgynous family member who serves as the musical's narrator. He is larger than life, an energetic, joyous, child-like presence. A vaudeville-style comedian with tenor vocals. Strong vocal ability, comedic timing, charismatic, Tenor.

Wednesday Addams - Wednesday is an attractive, girl who has the same dry wit and sensibility of her mother. Finds love with a “normal” boy (Lucas) and wants to introduce his family to hers. Experiences the youthful drama that comes with first love. Lucas can actually put a smile on her face. Female, 18-mid 20s. Dry comedy. Belting singer. Strong dancer/mover.

Pugsley Addams - Young male actor who plays 12 years old. A charming, funny, boy who loves being tortured by his sister. He wants to ensure he won’t lose his sister to her new boyfriend so he takes matters into his own hands. Strong vocals, comedic actor, stage movement. Tenor/Alto.

Grandma - She is a feisty 102-year-old woman. Fun and quirky, but don’t mess with Grandma. Comedic actress with strong character vocals. Stage movement. Alto/Mezzo Soprano.

Lurch - A very tall male character, the Addams butler who knows all. He speaks in moans and groans without becoming a cartoon version of himself. His movement is always very slow. Character actor. Limited singing. Bass.

Mal Beineke - Stuffy father of 19-year-old Lucas and exasperated husband to his rhyming wife, Alice. At one time was a follower of The Grateful Dead but has lost that side of himself. Always looking out for his family. Male actor with high baritone/ tenor vocals.

Alice Beineke - Mother of 19-year-old Lucas, devoted to her family so she puts aside her own desires. In shape, quirky female who often speaks in rhyme. While at the Addams Family dinner party, she drinks a potion that causes her to let her hair down and speak her truth. Strong vocals. Comedic actor. Moves well. Soprano belt.

Lucas Beineke - Young man. Fell in love with Wednesday Addams and plans to marry her. Experiences the youthful pain and drama of young love and struggles with the differences between his family and the Addams family. Contemporary pop tenor vocals. Comedic actor. Strong dancer/mover.

Ancestors - We are looking for men, women, boys, and girls of all ages to fill the roles of the Ancestors. They are required to be singers/movers who are historical ancestors of the Addams. They should have a fun, quirky sense and embrace the character they are given. Some of the Ancestors will be featured along with Fester as a “Greek chorus” and others will function as ensemble chorus members during company scenes/numbers.

Production Team
We’re always looking for help outside of the cast! This includes Stage Crew, Tech Crew, Costumes, Set, Props, Hair, Makeup, Promotions, etc. If you know of someone who would like to volunteer for this production or become involved in HCT, have them contact



The Addams Family is presented through special arrangement with, and all authorized performance materials are supplied by

Theatrical Rights Worldwide 1180 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 640, New York, NY 10036.

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